I'm just getting into Solidity by building a first project around collectibles, ERC 721.

There's for example 1500 different collectibles, each has an available amount defined by a criteria. These collectibles will be distributed in packs of 5, totally randomly after an initial purchase. These collectibles will be generated from a database that has properties like "name", "image", "id", etc

How would one go about generating 1500 * availability tokens (amounting to a total of 150000 tokens)? Pass an array of ids to a function called only once from a specific private address and generate them and store them in a mapping storage? I'm anticipating this will require a lot of gas, how could I evaluate the costs of creating such a large number of tokens?

  • Will you do all 150,000 in one series? Or will you have multiple series? It makes a difference in the type of solution that will be appropriate. Sep 19, 2018 at 15:16
  • I have the same doubt, did you resolve it?? Apr 12, 2021 at 20:41

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First of all, ERC721 has its amount fixed as 1, so you might wanna use ERC1155.

If you want to create 1500K ERC721 or 1500 ERC1155(1K of each) collectibles, I would not suggest you create all of them in one go, as there is a high possibility that they will exceed the block gas limit.

From your question, I see that you have all the different token URIs stored in a database. So, you can create these collectibles in batches, such that it's efficient for you.

You can use truffle or hardhat for gas estimation.

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