How can I change to private network in the ethereum wallet. I just got two mainnet and testnet in the wallet. Appreciate your answers


Just run 'geth.exe' with your private networkid, for example:

geth --networkid="38712" --datadir "D:\GethDataDir38712" --genesis "genesisblock.json" console 2>>geth38712.log

and then run the ethereum wallet. It will connect automatically to your private net.


From Github - Mist - getIpcPath.js, lines 10 to 23, the IPC path is hardcoded to be:

module.exports = function() {
    var p = require('path');
    var path = global.path.HOME;

    if(process.platform === 'darwin')
        path += '/Library/Ethereum/geth.ipc';

    if(process.platform === 'freebsd' ||
        process.platform === 'linux' ||
        process.platform === 'sunos')
        path += '/.ethereum/geth.ipc';

    if(process.platform === 'win32')
        path = '\\\\.\\pipe\\geth.ipc';

You can change the data directory that geth uses, but you will have to use the --ipcpath option to set the IPC path back to the default IPC path.

So for Linux, you have to separately run the geth command:

geth --dev --datadir /tmp/devdata --ipcpath $HOME/.ethereum/geth.ipc console

Then start Ethereum Wallet as normal. There should be PRIVATE-NET indicator on the top of the window.

Note that there is a geth executable packaged with the 64 bit distributions of Ethereum Wallet in the resources/node/geth subdirectory.

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