I'm testing using Remix against web3 provider (Ganache).

Here is my code:

when "Startup = false" is uncommented, it runs out of gas. It works fine on Javascript VM in Remix, but not on Ganache Testnet. Any idea why?

function setClaimTimes(uint _claimtime, uint _claimchecktime) onlyOwner public returns(bool) {
        //Check to be sure we are in Statup Mode
        require(StartUp == true);
        //Set our ClaimTime requirements
        ClaimTime = _claimtime;
        ClaimCheckTime = _claimchecktime;

        //Set Startup to False, thus ending the startup time. Forever.        
        //StartUp = false;  ///<-OFFENDING ASSIGNMENT

Startup is declared as a bool normally at the start of my program. Nothing fancy.

For Reference here is the entire code- it is(or will be if I can get it working!) a WhistleBlower/Wikileaks style script.

pragma solidity ^0.4.18;

contract WhistleBlower {

address Owner;

uint ClaimTime ; //How long to wait to reclaim funds in Block Numbers
uint ClaimCheckTime ; //How long to wait between claim checks in Block Number

uint StartUp = 1; //Are we in Startup Mode?

//donation pools
uint Donations;

mapping(string => uint) numberOfClaims; //number of claims per hash
mapping(string => mapping(uint => string)) detailsOfClaim; //details of claim

mapping(address => string) onePerAddress; //Track One Type of Claim per address

//Track the amount Claiments Stake
struct claims {
    uint date;
    uint amount;
    bool claimed;

//Track amount of time between addresses checking
mapping(address => uint) LastChecked; //The Uint is time or blocknumber.
mapping(address => mapping(string => claims)) Refundtracker;

//Money sent to contract goes to donation pool.
//Consider adding "Ownable" as well. 
function WhistleBlower() payable public {
    //Money sent to the contract is taken as donation.
    Donations += msg.value;

    //Set Startup Mode //maybe we don't need to set this.
    //StartUp = 1;

    //Setup Claim Times
    ClaimTime = 0;
    ClaimCheckTime = 0;

    //Setup Owner of the contract
    Owner = msg.sender;
modifier onlyOwner {
    require(msg.sender == Owner);

function makeClaim(string _hash, string _details) public payable {
    //Require Staking Payment
    //Require Strings are not Empty
    //Maybe there is a more effecient way to do this.
    require(msg.value >= 500 finney);
    require(keccak256(_hash) != keccak256(""));
    require(keccak256(_details) != keccak256(""));

    //Log Time of Claim
    uint _timeofclaim = block.number;
    var _refundtracker = Refundtracker[msg.sender][_hash];
    _refundtracker.date = _timeofclaim;
    //Log amount Staked by user
    _refundtracker.amount = msg.value;

    //Number of Claims made against particular individual
    uint _index = numberOfClaims[_hash];

    //Details of Claim
    detailsOfClaim[_hash][_index] = _details;

    //Total Number of Claims
    numberOfClaims[_hash] += 1;


//////////////////// //Helper Functions// ////////////////////

function returnClaimedCoins(address _claiment, string _hash) public {
    //You can only request the return of your own coins.
    require(msg.sender == _claiment);
    //Check that this has not already been redeemed
    require(Refundtracker[msg.sender][_hash].claimed == false);
    //Check that enough time has elapsed to redeem coins
    uint _claimCreatedTime = Refundtracker[msg.sender][_hash].date;

    uint _currentBlockNumber = block.number;

    require(_claimCreatedTime <= (_currentBlockNumber + ClaimTime));

    uint _amountToSend;
    _amountToSend = Refundtracker[msg.sender][_hash].amount;
    Refundtracker[msg.sender][_hash].claimed = true;

function getClaimTimes() view public returns(uint,uint){
    return(ClaimTime, ClaimCheckTime);

function setClaimTimes(uint _claimtime, uint _claimchecktime) onlyOwner public /*returns()*/ {
    //Check to be sure we are in Statup Mode
    require(StartUp == 1);

    //Set our ClaimTime requirements
    ClaimTime = _claimtime;
    ClaimCheckTime = _claimchecktime;

    //Set Startup to False, thus ending the startup time. Forever.
    StartUp = 0;

function areWeInSetup() view public returns(uint){

function withdrawDonation(address _withdrawlAddress, uint _amount) onlyOwner public returns(bool){
    //Transfer Donations out

function makeDonation() public payable{
    Donations += msg.value;

function checkDonationBalance() view public returns(uint){

function checkContractBalance() view public returns(uint){

function setLastCheckedTime(address _address) public {
    LastChecked[_address] = now;

function getNumberofClaims(string _name) view public returns (uint){

function getDetails(string _name, uint _claimnumber) view public returns (string){

    string memory _details = detailsOfClaim[_name][_claimnumber];


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    I don't see why it's failing, but as a note, you don't need to do require(variable == true), here, require cna directly check the variable, require(variable). If it's true, it continues, otherwise it reverts. – Elisha Drion Mar 28 '18 at 22:38
  • Thanks for the tip. I've changed it on my code, but it still doesn't work unfortunately. There must be something I'm entirely over looking if such a simple assignment runs out of gas.... – Dennison Mar 28 '18 at 22:48
  • You say it works when deployed through Remix? Maybe add the entire code? – Elisha Drion Mar 28 '18 at 22:55
  • Maybe this is related ? ethereum.stackexchange.com/questions/39085/… – Elisha Drion Mar 28 '18 at 22:56
  • 1
    @ElishaDrion - I'm not able to get testnet tx right now because of another problem: I'm on my dev computer and my metamask is using the stock "ganache" seed words- hence every time I get testEther, someone steals them. haha. I haven't yet figured out how to reset Metamask on Brave (doesn't seem to be possible, need to reinstall). In the meantime, I've figured out a simpler solution to avoid needing to set anything at all. However I'm still going to focus to see what the real source of the problem is. AdamKipnis has a very interesting thread I need to check. – Dennison Mar 28 '18 at 23:34

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