I have remix-ide installed.

I want to debug how my contract can be interacted in a browser using Web3JS.

How can I can run it in browser? Can it be done with JavaScript VM? Or which VM I should install? how to run it?

Do I need to install any browser plugins in order to do debugging? If yes, which plugins to install?

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To interact with a contract it is mandatory to deploy it. You can't run the smart-contract directly into the browser as it is stored and executed in the EVM.

You don't need a JavaScript VM then, you just need an Ethereum VM, for which you'll find some written in JavaScript like Ethereumjs-vm.

If you need a whole emulated network you can try to use Ganache-cli.

You'll have then to deploy your smart contract on your test network. To test interactions easily you can use Metamask browser plug-in so you can interact with the networks with only a few clicks.

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