I have a function which get a parameter as String and compare it like below.

function freezeAccount(string _value) onlyOwner public {
    if (keccak256(_value) == keccak256("true")){ isFrozen = "true"; }
    if (keccak256(_value) == keccak256("false")){ isFrozen = "false"; }

Above is my smart contract code. I wanna use this my method using web3 so I'm trying to make transition by send() function like below.

export const setFreezeAccount = value => {
console.log("setFreezeAccount :: value: ", value);
  const str = value.toString();

  .send({ from: TOKENOWNER })
  .then(receipt => {
    console.log("setFreezeAccount :: receipt: ", receipt);
  .catch(err => {
    console.log("setFreezeAccount :: err: ", err);

The freezeAccount() function is working well on Remix IDE but the Error: Invalid JSON RPC response: "" error returned When I execute the setFreezeAccount() function.


I am an idiot. I want to delete this question but I will remain it for other people who make same mistake like me. The reason why error occurred was the freezeAccount() function on Solidity is only can executed by owner. I added the access modifier named onlyOwner so that I have to make transaction data and signed it then send the transaction using Web3.

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