I have set up a private ethereum blockchain and I have defined a new coin. When I send coins from one account to another through the smart contract the transaction is always mined even when the coins are not moved. Is there a way to use the blockchain data to verify if a transaction made permanent changes or not?

  • When you say "the coins are not moved", is there an error in the transaction? It sounds like there's a logic error in your contract that's killing the transaction. It will still get mined, but not have an effect on contract state. Can you post the contract code?
    – Jamie Hale
    Mar 26, 2018 at 15:14

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Since byzantinum fork checking the status field in your transaction receipt should indicate if the transaction have failed or succeeded (Unless there's a bug in your contracts).

Before byzantinum fork there wasn't a direct way to ensure the transaction has succeeded; a common trick was to check that gasUsed < gas to indicate the transaction finished correctly (to be really sure you have to trace the transaction execution).


You need to check whether Transfer event was logged by your transaction.

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