I'd like to help an organization accept Ethereum. However, they need a Bitpay-type service that sends them USD right away.

I know they can just manually sell on Coinbase daily/weekly, but they can't actually hold ETH at any point for various reasons so that seems to be out of the question.

Is there a service that lets you accept ETH and sends you USD?

An automatic-sell feature on an exchange might be sufficient, but doesn't seem possible with coinbase.


Coinify does next day settlements, their accepted currencies include ETH, BTC, LTC and DOGE at time of writing; you can check here thru their API: https://api.coinify.com/v3/input-currencies

OP mentions Ethereum specifically, however if OP is just looking for any altcoin to avoid Bitcoin's slow and expensive transactions, then BitPay now accepts Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which could be the best option at the moment if you need "USD right away". BitPay's currently supported currencies thru their RestAPI: https://bitpay.com/currencies

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