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I have gone through probably 3000 online resources but didn't quite get a reply to my question. I am sure the experts here can address the issue and help me out. My question is - Everyone says that you need to have 'some amount of gas' to process/send a transaction on myetherwallet. Where does this 'some amount of gas' come from? Do I have to deposit hard cash to obtain the gas? Do I have to send ETH from any other exchange? Or does the gas amount get automatically adjusted from the transaction value being processed? Since I am new in the crypto space, I would appreciate a simple answer. As simple as possible.

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  • Your article was helpful to some extent, but what I specifically want to know is what exactly is 'you need to have some amount of gas'. Where is this 'some amount of gas' located in myetherwallet and in what form? Do I have to buy ETH to compensate that? Do I have to tranfer ETH from an exchange? Or is it like the 'some amount of gas' directly gets deducted from the transaction? As in, I send 1ETH and the receiver gets 1ETH minus the trnsaction fee – dreammatrix Mar 22 '18 at 12:15
  • I am looking for specific answers to the last 3 questions, considering that I have only tokens and zero ETH in myetherwallet. – dreammatrix Mar 22 '18 at 12:27