How to find ETH transaction txid by value and date ? Smth like Blockchair, but for ETH ?


Find ETH txid by date

Currently there is no tool to do so. You can randomly guess which block would would have been issued when. As each block is issued roughly every 15 seconds.

Or a smarter way would be to compute it:

blocksPerSecond = 15s
oldTime = /*timestamp in seconds of the time you want to search about*/
now = currentTimeStamp
duration = now-oldTime

requiredBlock = currentBlock - duration/blocksPerSecond

But still, there would be some discrepancy, as our blocksPerSecond is a rough estimate.

Find ETH txid by value

This is a more intensive process, and it also has no tool available. For this info, you need to process each block and get the required data.

However, http://etherscan.io provides various types of charts with some information that may be interesting to you.

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