There is so much information out there that turns around this point that I decided to make a post, can someone please help out?

Does that sound correct as a work-flow for medium/large size projects ?:

  • Use Mix IDE (can I use it with geth?) or ethercamp Ethereum Studios to write and test the contracts.
  • Use Meteor and Webstorm(or some other javascript IDE) to Build the platform, eventually using place-holder javascript variables until the contracts are ready.
  • Move the contracts over to the meteor file structure and add the tested functions to the relevant javascript files.

  • Does truffle fit in somewhere in that picture or will it just create noise since there will already be the Meteor framework?


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  • Mix IDE is officially supported by Ethereum, and can be used with geth. But you could use either of them based on your preference.

  • You could also take a look at some other Javascript IDEs, specially atom.

  • As far as I know, Meteor+web3js is sufficient, and trying to use Truffle or Embark will only make it more confusing.

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