After upgrading my Ethos to 1.3.0 from 1.2.9, the hashrate of RX 560 becomes very low. Initially there was gpu clock problem error. After playing with the flags in local.conf, I was able to get rid of the error. Here is the config I end up with:

flags --cl-global-work 16384 --farm-recheck 300

But the hashrate of 4 RX 560 cards is very low. It was 10.5mh before. But it is only 2.21 - 7.76mh:

  ¹  13:03:45|ethminer   Accepted.
  m  13:03:45|ethminer  Speed   2.21 Mh/s    gpu/0  2.21  [A2+0:R0+0:F0] Time: 00:14
  m  13:03:46|ethminer  Speed   7.65 Mh/s    gpu/0  7.65  [A6+0:R0+0:F0] Time: 00:14
  m  13:03:46|ethminer  Speed   7.13 Mh/s    gpu/0  7.13  [A6+0:R0+0:F0] Time: 00:14
  m  13:03:46|ethminer  Speed   7.76 Mh/s    gpu/0  7.76  [A5+0:R0+0:F0] Time: 00:14

The motherboard is ASUS EX-B250-V7 6 GPU with latest BIOS. What are the parameters I need to adjust to have normal hashrate on RX 560? Many thanks.


Installing Fixes on the Latest ethOS Version on page http://ethosdistro.com/kb/#updating-miners provides fixes for both AMD and NV GPU on ETHOS 1.3.0 and improved the hashrate. Just following the instruction on the page.

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