I have read the EIP abount ERC165 that is enable us to detect which interface is implemented in a contract.

However, I found that some ERC721 tokens are a little bit diffrent from others, like cryptokitties and cryptohorse.

Are these different ERC721 tokens are both detected as erc721 token by wallet application.

And how does erc721 support wallet detect the type of tokens.

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ERC-721 is a standard, published in the Ethereum EIPs project.

Cryptokitties, cryptohorse, cryptotitties, etc. all went live BEFORE the standard. Therefore they are not ERC-721. Many people will refer to them as 721, but they are actually not 721.

Any wallet that wants to work with these pre-standard applications will need to manually add support, one-off, for each one. Going forward these wallets will probably only support Cryptokitties, a couple others, and then all actually compliant ERC-721 contracts.


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