In remix ide, we have UI designed in such a way that we can pass ether or Wei directly and execute the functions. When we use truffle to deploy the contract, how can we pass ether?


Creating a contract and sending ether in truffle (ganache)

In order to create and send some ether to a contract, you need to call the .send function on the contract.


The following command will create a new instance of MyContract, then call it's .send function with the amount of ether to send and the address from which to send it:

MyContract.new().then(c => c.send(10, {from: web3.eth.accounts[0]}))

Funded account addresses:

When ganache starts it will create 10 different addresses for you each of which contain 100 ether. You can access them via web3.eth.accounts[0..9] and can get their balances like:

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