I am running into a very strange bug while interacting with my OpenZepplin crowdsale.

Here is my repo for context https://github.com/GenusDev/crossfit-coin-backend

Here is what I have working so far:

  1. Deploy a Crowdsale contract: success
  2. Deploy a MintableToken: success
  3. Transfer ownership of MintableToken to Crowdsale: success
  4. Attempt to buyTokens from front-end app (line 76 of app.js): FAIL...but then,if I run the same buyTokens command once through the Truffle CLI, I can then refresh the page of my front-end app and run the exact same code (line 76 of app.js) and successfully buyTokens.

Its not a timing issue. I have waited several minutes after deployment, and step 4 works from the front-end immediately after running the same command through the CLI. Can anyone offer advice here?

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  • Are you testing against ganache, geth or parity? Does buyTokens fails with any error message? – Ismael Mar 16 '18 at 20:06
  • I am testing on Ganache. The error I get is: "Error: VM Exception while processing transaction: revert" – Test1 Test2 Mar 16 '18 at 21:32

The error is: The buyTokens() call did not specify the gas limit. Original function call: buyTokens(<<0xaccountAddress>>, { from: <<0xaccountAddress>>, value: web3.toWei(5, "ether") }) should be: buyTokens(0xaccountAddress>>, { from: <<0xaccountAddress>>, value: web3.toWei(5, "ether"), gas: '1000000' })

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