I have a contract inheritance in my design and i want to call via web3 a method from the base contract. the oriblem is that i can't know how to do that :

if i do like this :

   contract B {
        uint Bstate;
        function methodX (){
        Bstate =1;


import "B.sol"; // because B is in an other file
contract A is B {


do i need to manually deploy contract B after deploying contract A and use its abi to call methodX or i can call it directly from the abi of contract A?


Inheritance allows us to define a base contract, from which other contracts can use. This allows you to reuse base contracts in future contracts without having to rewrite code.

When contract A inherits from contract B, only contract A is actually deployed to the blockchain. All code from contract B is copied into contract A.

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