I read from this question How to concatenate a bytes32[] array to a string?(the first answer) that the agrument can be bytes32[] type, but when I try myself sending transactions using mist setting the argument to be

[7bb8b6ec123302e43ad88384158e2347efcfef19600b821431e8e09504046595,1f57c6ad7358ac73b73730eabb54b1bea7b785df2e4502291ed99b08af625def], it can not work, why?

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for the example in the question body, the format should be altered to ["0x7bb8b6ec123302e43ad88384158e2347efcfef19600b821431e8e09504046595","0x1f57c6ad7358ac73b73730eabb54b1bea7b785df2e4502291ed99b08af625def"], it will be OK

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