I can use

  method: 'personal_sign',
  params: [msg, address],
  from: address,
}, (err, res) => {});

and Metamask will prompt the user to sign the given message.

In Mist, I get and error (TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined) thrown from here:

EthereumProvider._addResponseCallback (<anonymous>:1097:42) 
at EthereumProvider.send (<anonymous>:1146:14)

Is this simply not possible with the Provider from Mist? Or am I missing something?


So appearently, this is not implemented in Mist yet, but they are planning on doing so in the next release.

There is also a lot of discussion on how to exactly implement this feature in general.

There are EIPs discussing seperation of "data to be signed" and "presentation metadata"

(EIP712 and EIP719 mainly)

Can only recommend to read them to anyone interested :)

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