For some time I have been writing my own tooken. I call it COIN I come across the last three problems: my fallback function does not work code: function () payable { createTookens ();

he gives an error message to the createTookens

then I want my initial supply to be different than my total supply. For example, I want total supply 100 and the initial supply at the crowdsale 75. which still leaves 25 COINS. Is it true that the 3 now stand for 1000 COINS for 1 ETH? code: totalSupply = initialSupply * 10 ** 3 uint256 (decimals); er is a error with the uint256 and the initialSupply

and my last question can I also accept 0.1 eth with a crowdsale for payment? I know that solidity does not work with decimals. So how can I put that in a code ?


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problem 2

totalSupply = initialSupply * 10 **3 uint256(decimals);

problem 1

function () payable { createTookens();


thank you for the answer of my third question. I need to do it in Finney. but how to put in a code like this ?

uint256 public constant RATE = 3000;

RATE = 1000 Finney

uint256 public constant RATE = 300 == 100 Finney;

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