I know there are ways to get public key from private key using other then web3js tools (EthereumJS: How to get public key from private key and https://kobl.one/blog/create-full-ethereum-keypair-and-address/) Also, there is a way to get public key from address having a transaction sent from that address – Get public key of any ethereum account

I am looking for a way to get public key using web3js. Is there a way to do it?

  • What data you have? If you have the private key the first question should be good, if you have a signed transaction the second is correct. If you have the UTC or JSON file you canuse the first after loading the file with a wallet.
    – Ismael
    Commented Mar 7, 2018 at 19:53
  • I have all of them, but I cannot find a way to get public key using web3.js only.
    – user652061
    Commented Mar 8, 2018 at 7:53
  • I'm afraid that both versions of web3 (v0.20 and v1.0) do not expose the public key, only the private key and the address. You will need a third party library like ethereumjs-wallet that implements a getPublicKey() function.
    – Ismael
    Commented Mar 8, 2018 at 13:45

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Yes, you can retrieve public key given you have a private key using web3js web3.eth.accounts.privateKeyToAccount(privateKey);

  • 11
    The documentation doesn't show a way to get the public key only the address and private key.
    – Ismael
    Commented May 7, 2019 at 17:40

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