In the yellow paper, it is mentioned(at section 4.1) that

storageRoot: A 256-bit hash of the root node of a Merkle Patricia tree that encodes the storage contents of the account (a mapping between 256-bit integer values), encoded into the trie as a mapping from the Keccak 256-bit hash of the 256-bit integer keys to the RLP-encoded 256-bit integer values. The hash is formally denoted σ[a]_s.


I am using geth client and need to find σ[a]_s for a particular contract a. What could be a potential way to achieve that?


How to get account state σ [a] for a contract a.

Observe that I am only interested in the final succinct state of a contract which could be hash of the complete state of a contract at a particular instant of time and not the whole contract state which might include the code, storage etc.

  • Someone correct me if I am wrong, but there is no way to do it via web3. You'll have to lookup the contract address in the trie directly. – ivicaa Mar 5 '18 at 22:17

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