I am puzzled that where are the keystor files of default 10 accounts testrpc provides?

I start testrpc --db ./data

I can see account default accounts:

Available Accounts

(0) 0x32fc58d738e05b95fd38149307aa6d4f0c6f2e9a (1) 0xca656349efa15f9eaff70ad0fb385974690c4f66

Private Keys

(0) 39ae40325da1a15ee8b726e091ed36f65cd1421118d468d73f28da3f0e3da8ad (1) 1119f02b97540a17640afa07f7452989e4ee7281a97b5d3ba55fb02078042a6c

like these...

I can't find anything in keystore folder for these accounts.

I want to IMPORT All these Accounts in METAMASK


You can export the accounts via

--acctKeys <path to file>  (saves generated accounts and private keys as JSON object in specified file)

but you'll not be able to import this file to Metamask. Hence, you'll have to copy&paste the private keys as string to Metamask.

Alternatively, you could parse this json file and import it to geth like described in this post here: "How to import a plain private key into geth or Mist?". After that you'll have the keystore files, which you can import to Metamask.

  • Exactly I wanted! – VJV Mar 2 '18 at 6:31

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