Beside the well known EIP-20, we have a number of other proposals for fungible tokens. Each of them addressing a different set of requirements.

[Q] Is there an overview of fungible Token standards/proposals?


A colleague of mine recently published a well received blog post on this topic. In his blog post, he describes and compares the following standards/proposals with each other:

  • EIP-20
  • EIP-150
  • ERC-223
  • ERC-677
  • ERC-777


The current state of Token standards on the Ethereum platform is surprisingly simple: ERC-20 Token Standard is the only accepted and adopted (as EIP-20) standard for a Token interface.

Proposed in 2015, it has finally been accepted at the end of 2017.

In the meantime, many Ethereum Requests for Comments (ERC) have been proposed which address shortcomings of the ERC-20, which partly were caused by changes in the Ethereum platform itself, eg. the fix for the re-entrancy bug with EIP-150. Other ERC propose enhancements to the ERC-20 Token model. [...] This blogpost should give a superficial, but complete, overview of all proposals for Token(-like) standards on the Ethereum platform.

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