I´m trying to run a full node.

Currently I´m downloading around block 4,911,000 of 5,161,000. It was running smooth until I had to interrupt it, pressing Ctrl-C. Then I got some messages like the database was not closed successfully.

Since then, when I resume the geth task, I still get new blocks imported, but I keep receiving the following error for each new block imported:

ERROR[02-28|13:28:08] Failed to commit trie from trie database err="read /home/......./geth/chaindata/079936.ldb: input/output error"

The message is always exactly this, I mean always file 079936.ldb is the "guilty" one. Looking at this file, it looks regular regarding its size, at least.

So, I´m afraid that by the time I finish syncronizing I can have problems. Bottom line: should I interrupt importing and start it all over from scratch?

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