I'm testing one smart contract and need to send some ether to it, but when I try to do it I get error "It seems this transaction will fail. If you submit it, it may consume all the gas you provide". Could anybody suggest how to solve it?

Error screenshot

Here is source code, base Oraclize class omitted cause I think it does not matters but still lot of Oraclize related stuff, sorry:

contract AdContractTest3 is usingOraclize {
    string public calc_script_base_url = "";
    uint public total_price_in_szabo;
    uint public szabo_per_placement;
    uint public szabo_per_view;
    address public client;
    address public blogger;

    event LogPriceUpdated(string price);
    event LogNewOraclizeQuery(string description);
    event LogNotEnoughEther();
    event LogEtherSent();
    event LogOnDeposit(address sender, uint amount);

    function AdContractTest3(uint price_in_szabo_per_placement, uint price_in_szabo_per_view, address client_address, address blogger_address) public payable {
        szabo_per_placement = price_in_szabo_per_placement;
        szabo_per_view = price_in_szabo_per_view;
        client = client_address;
        blogger = blogger_address;

    function strConcat(string s1, string s2, string s3, string s4, string s5, string s6, string s7) internal pure returns (string)
        return strConcat(strConcat(s1, s2, s3, s4), strConcat(s5, s6, s7));

    function __callback(bytes32 myid, string result) public {
        require(msg.sender == oraclize_cbAddress());
        myid; // Silence compiler warnings
        total_price_in_szabo = parseInt(result);

    function updatePrice(string video_url) public payable returns(string) {
        if (oraclize_getPrice("URL") > this.balance) {
            LogNewOraclizeQuery("Oraclize query was NOT sent, please add some ETH to cover for the query fee");
        } else {
            var url = strConcat(calc_script_base_url, "?price_in_szabo_per_placement=", uint2str(szabo_per_placement), "&price_in_szabo_per_view=", uint2str(szabo_per_view), "&video_url=", video_url);
            oraclize_query("URL", strConcat("json(", url, ").total_price_in_szabo"));
            var log_msg = strConcat("Oraclize query '", url, "' was sent, standing by for the answer...");

    function payForWork() public {
        if (total_price_in_szabo * 1 szabo > this.balance) {
        } else {
            blogger.transfer(total_price_in_szabo * 1 szabo);

    function onDeposit() public payable {
        LogOnDeposit(msg.sender, msg.value);

When you send ETH to a contract without providing any other data, the contract tries to call the unnamed fallback function, which must be marked as payable. This function looks like this:

function() public payable {
    // handle ETH

You have not defined such a function in your contract. If you're attempting to call the onDeposit() function instead, you should not simply "send" ETH, but instead, pass the relevant data to call the function, and include ETH in the transaction.

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