I tried to send ether from multiaddress, for that I have created one contract. Contract is deployed successfully in ropsten testnet.

I have started service in background using this command.

parity --warp --chain ropsten --rpcapi 'eth,net,web3,personal'

Contract Code:

pragma solidity ^0.4.20;

contract ERC20 {
  function transfer(address _recipient, uint256 _value) public returns (bool success);

contract Airdrop {
  function drop(ERC20 token, address[] recipients, uint256[] values) public {
    for (uint256 i = 0; i < recipients.length; i++) {
      token.transfer(recipients[i], values[i]);

Contract Deployed URL: https://ropsten.etherscan.io/address/0x84265173B2386D674ABA59b35D8C2A77C8A88181

Tried to apply send_transaction using Web3Js but Not able to success.

const Web3 = require('web3')
const abi = require('human-standard-token-abi') 

const web3 = new Web3(new Web3.providers.HttpProvider("http://localhost:8545"));

// Define the contract addresses and the contract instance
const contractAddress = '0x84265173B2386D674ABA59b35D8C2A77C8A88181'
//const contract = new web3.eth.contract(abi, contractAddress)

var contractAbi = web3.eth.contract(abi);
var contract = contractAbi.at(contractAddress);
// suppose you want to call a function named myFunction of myContract

return false;*/

    gas:4000000},function (error, result){ //get callback from function which is your transaction key
    } else{

Please let me know what is wrong in this steps. What I missed from my side. I am not able to send my transaction to multiaddress using contract.

Currently I am getting this error:

TypeError: name.match is not a function
    at SolidityTypeAddress.isType (/var/www/html/BlockChain/parity/node_modules/web3/lib/solidity/address.js:23:19)
    at /var/www/html/BlockChain/parity/node_modules/web3/lib/solidity/coder.js:57:18
    at Array.filter (<anonymous>)
    at SolidityCoder._requireType (/var/www/html/BlockChain/parity/node_modules/web3/lib/solidity/coder.js:56:36)
    at /var/www/html/BlockChain/parity/node_modules/web3/lib/solidity/coder.js:231:21
    at Array.map (<anonymous>)
    at SolidityCoder.getSolidityTypes (/var/www/html/BlockChain/parity/node_modules/web3/lib/solidity/coder.js:230:18)
    at SolidityCoder.encodeParams (/var/www/html/BlockChain/parity/node_modules/web3/lib/solidity/coder.js:88:30)
    at SolidityFunction.toPayload (/var/www/html/BlockChain/parity/node_modules/web3/lib/web3/function.js:92:52)
    at SolidityFunction.sendTransaction (/var/www/html/BlockChain/parity/node_modules/web3/lib/web3/function.js:163:24)

But I don't think it is related to contract. I am missing something or going in wrong way?

Please help me urgent so, I can continue my work based on it.


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You are passing human-standard-token-abi (which is an ERC20 contract ABI) to create your Airdrop contract that has a completely different functions.

ABI for Airdrop contract:

      "constant": false,
      "inputs": [
          "name": "token",
          "type": "address"
          "name": "recipients",
          "type": "address[]"
          "name": "values",
          "type": "uint256[]"
      "name": "drop",
      "outputs": [],
      "payable": false,
      "stateMutability": "nonpayable",
      "type": "function"

That is the ABI that you need to pass to web3.eth.contract(abi); to instantiate your contract object.

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    Hello @Andrey, I changed ABI as per you gave and it was stuck lock account so, i did unlock but now it is not returning any output or not any error return in sendTransaction functionality. I think something is wrong in sendTransaction function, Can you pls check once? is it correct or not? Feb 28, 2018 at 4:44
  • 1
    Your function looks fine. Is the callback function getting called at all? If before if(!error) you make a line and call console.log(result); console.log(error); - does either outputs anything?
    – Andrey
    Feb 28, 2018 at 5:05
  • Yes i checked it stil it is getting nothing. @Andrey Feb 28, 2018 at 7:56
  • Transaction done but it is getting fail. ropsten.etherscan.io/tx/… Why it is fail? Feb 28, 2018 at 8:53

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