I have to create a multisignature transaction which the transaction should get signed with at least 2 private keys. Could anyone explain how to do it? I am using web3.py

import rlp

    from ethereum.transactions import Transaction
    tx = Transaction(
    raw_tx = rlp.encode(tx)
    raw_tx_hex = web3.toHex(raw_tx)

In the above code, I am only signing with one private key. Could anyone explain how to sign with multiple private keys?

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An Ethereum transaction should have only one signature, representing the account that will pay the gas for it. If you want to control a resource with multiple signatures, you have two options:

  • Make a contract that requires multiple transactions to make whatever it is happen. See this contract for an example.
  • Instead of checking the transaction signature (in practice, msg.sender) like you would with a simple transaction, sign the data to the transaction and have your contract check it using ecrecover. This allows you to collect the signatures out-of-band and submit all the signature data in a single transaction. See this contract for an example.

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