I was using this this useful tool to verify that my wallet generation process was accurate, however when I thought I was generating an Account Extended Private Key, I realized I was actually generating a BIP32 Extended Private Key.

What is the difference? Can I derive an Account Extended Private Key from a BIP32 Extended Private Key or have I done something wrong?

EDIT: I see on the page there's a small explanation next to each field.

Account Extended Private Key: The account extended keys can be used for importing to most BIP44 compatible wallets, such as mycelium or electrum.

BIP32 Extended Private Key: The BIP32 derivation path and extended keys are the basis for the derived addresses.

Can I have a more detailed explanation for the differences on how to derive these?

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Forgot about this question until I saw some people up voting it. Now I know the answer so I'll share the differences between these two types of private keys.

Account Extended Private Key: This represents the extended private key derived with the BIP 44 derivation path m / purpose' / coin_type' / account' / chain / address_index

BIP32 Extended Private Key: This represents the extended private key derived from the derivation path m/0'/0'/k' with k being the extended private key.

For more reading on HD Wallets (BIP44) take a look at Harsha Goli's article on HD Wallets

For all intents and purposes BIP32 derivation paths are not used and were deprecated by BIP44.

The mistake I made was by deriving the key for BIP44 a level too low.

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