A lot of open source and blockchain projects are using Slack for communication and keeping communities together. Is there any public slack for Ethereum specifically (not DApps)?


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EDIT 2022:

EDIT 2018: An active, public forum is https://ethresear.ch

Chat is at https://gitter.im/ethereum/research

https://ethereum-magicians.org is a forum started by 2 members of the Ethereum Foundation.

From the Ethereum blog post on communications September 2015:

We will make an effort to de-emphasize Skype, and emphasize Gitter as a means of real-time communication for developers. Gitter has the advantages that (i) it’s easier to quickly jump in and participate, and (ii) chat rooms are public and visible to everyone by default. Currently, the primary active Gitter rooms are:






Gitter is still active and there are no indications of any Slack for Ethereum specifically.

https://gitter.im/ethereum is the place to see all the Ethereum channels and there have been additions than the ones initially listed above, for example governance, research, eips...


Most core ethereum projects use public gitter channels (gitter.im) as pointed out by Roman.


Ethereum is a very de-centralized community and has several slack channels that you can ask to join and freely discuss development of smart contracts:

ether.camp http://hack.ether.camp/
consensys ask for invite
slock.it  http://slock.it:3000/

are the most active today.

  • From what I recon, there is a dev Slack but it's not open (ethereum.slack.com is taken, at least). From what I've seen the options you listed are too specific - I'm wondering why isn't there an open Slack for the entire Ethereum community yet.
    – ripper234
    Jan 22, 2016 at 16:21
  • 5
    most of the communication with the community is on gitter channels gitter.im/ethereum Jan 22, 2016 at 16:22
  • Consensys Slack is not open for guests anymore, I hear.
    – q9f
    Feb 14, 2016 at 10:07

There is an open channel ether-camp-friends.slack.com


I'm currently in around a dozen slack teams which are related to Ethereum more or less. Sorted by popularity:

  • thedao (6409 members): public slack for Slock.it internet of decent-things and The DAO decentralized venture capital.
  • colonycommunity (2487 members): public slack for Colony 21st century companies project.
  • bitn (1004 members): public slack for Bitnation decentralized governance project.
  • ether-camp-friends (978 members): public slack for the ether.camp hackathon community and Ether Studio IDE.
  • dyffy (869 members): public slack for the Augur prediction markets project.
  • cryptocommunity (732 members): A public slack for all crypto communities.
  • makerdao (638 members): public slack for the MakerDAO issueing the Dai stablecoin on Ethereum.
  • coinality (414 members): public slack for the Coinality digital currencies and blockchain job board.
  • synereonet (290 members): public slack for the Synereo decentralized social network.
  • ethchamps (190 members): public slack for the EthChamps community volunteers (includes the main #stackexchange channel).
  • gnosis-pm (49 members): public slack for the Gnosis decentralized prediction market.

Unfortunately, the slack desktop app does not allow more than 9 shortcuts for switching teams :-P


Ethereum NL - public Dutch Slack community

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