I develop a dapp with truffle.js and wish to deploy to the live network. I have the Ethereum Wallet already installed (mac osx), and I'm pretty sure it runs on top of geth - am I correct? Anyway, does it act as an RPC server as well? I don't want to install a standalone geth and start moving ether around if I already have a geth running the Ethereum-Wallet. I couldnt find any where in the GUI to config the RPC, nor is it enabled by default (tried to truffle migrate to, it says it can't find an RPC server)

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geth automatically started by Ethereum-Wallet will not expose the RPC port.

You have two possibilities:

1/ manually start geth with rpc parameters before starting Ethereum Wallet. On Mac OS, you can find the geth executable in the subfolder of EthereumWallet.app.

2/ After starating Ethereum-Wallet, call geth attach and activate the RPC API via geth's console (admin.startRPC()).

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