I'm trying to find what the benefit is of a library. I found the following statements. (Please correct me if i'm wrong)

  • Cost less gas to deploy
  • Uses the storage of the calling contract
  • the library and contract are compiled separately but the library gets linked into the contract as a part of it when deploying.

The major downside I see of a library is that it's a part of the contract. Meaning if I want to update the library I need to redeployed I also need to redeployed the linked contract. If the library was just a plain contract I only need to redeploy that contract and set the reference again to the other contract.

contract Lib {
    //Some code

contract A {

    Lib someLib;

    function setLibReference(address libAddress) public {
        someLib = Lib(libAddress);

For me this seems as a major downside or am I wrong in this?

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