I tried everything in order to see my Envion tokens on MEW myetherwallet, I tried contract adress, symbol, decimals ... I also tried with Envion private key and mnemonic phrase ... I bought Envion tokens with Bitcoins and maybe this is the problem ... I can only see my tokens on Envion dashboard, but not in MEW or Metamask ... if someone knows what is the problem, please help, I was in contact with Envion support team, but they are not helping


There are multiple tokens called Envion with different contract addresses, you need to make sure you are adding the correct one otherwise it will show that you have 0 balance. If you check on etherscan.io, under "view tokens", click on the token, then it'll take you to a page where it shows you all the info needed to add the token to your interface with the correct address to use.

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