I used geth for windows and ran it as a desktop app. Not sure if I am connected to public blockchain or testnet. How do I check which network is getting synced. ?

(I want to download ropsten testnet blockchain in windows machine. I clicked on geth exec file and geth started to download blocks. I am a beginner. Please help me with this)

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You can identify network type using three popular methods:

  1. Your geth client you will find below one line,

    INFO [02-16|22:25:29] Initialising Ethereum protocol versions="[63 62]" network=1

  2. Attach your ipc or rpc by using below command:

    geth attach {RPC-IP/IPC File}

    Geth will open shell, then type

$> admin.nodeInfo

  enode: "enode://[email protected]:30303",
  id: "<ID>",
  ip: "Z.Z.Z.214",
  listenAddr: "[::]:30303",
  name: "Geth/v1.7.3-stable/darwin-amd64/go1.9.2",
  ports: {
    discovery: 30303,
    listener: 30303
  protocols: {
    eth: {
      difficulty: <DIFF>,
      genesis: "<BLOCK>",
      head: "<HEAD>",
      network: 1
    shh: {
      maxMessageSize: 1048576,
      minimumPoW: 0.2,
      version: "5.0"
  1. Geth client command: If your not specify any thing in geth console. By default it will connect to main net. Check geth client command.
--networkid value Network identifier (integer, 1=Frontier, 2=Morden (disused), 3=Ropsten, 4=Rinkeby) (default: 1)

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