Let's say I have the following decoded transaction input data:


that's used in trade method of this smart contract.

In this invoke the sender is willing to buy ETH by selling ARC (0xac709fcb44a43c35f0da4e3163b117a17f3770f5).

According to trade arguments and transaction's input data my calculations are:

let priceOfTokenInEther = 13775000000000000000 / 2500000000000000000000; // 0.00551
let eth = priceOfTokenInEther * 726181804936299500000 / 1000000000000000000; // 4.0012617451990105

So my result is 4.0012617451990105 ETH was bought by trading ACR token.

Is it correct?

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Yes, your formulas and calculations look correct.


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