What are the pros and cons of having an Ethereum DApp running on a browser compared to the one in which each user is given a wallet?

This is question is for a DApp that would transfer files from user to user.

  • Can you clarify what you mean by "the one where each user is given a wallet?" I think, but am not sure, that you're asking to compare making a DApp that lives within Parity or Mist, versus something on the normal internet that just uses Metamask to interact with the blockchain. Is this a correct interpretation of what you're asking?
    – hakusaro
    Commented Feb 16, 2018 at 16:21
  • I am developing an application using blockchain. So I wanted to know if a desktop application based login is better or one in which there is a website and the login takes place through that/ Commented Feb 19, 2018 at 4:41

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If you mean running "on a browser" the "light wallet", then


  • user don't need to have anything on his computer (he should know only password and userId). So, it is lightweight

  • user can access his account from any device (which has browser).


  • user should TRUST the server, which manage his (and other users) accounts. So, it is not very good from security perspective.

This is question is for a DApp that would transfer files from user to user.

Be carefull - it is very doubtful idea to use blockchain for filesharing. Many are trying to do this, but in many cases the necessity of blockchain for that purpose is absent. So, think twice.

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