I am attempting to deploy a test contract on Rinkeby using Remix IDE and the MetaMask extension in chrome. However when I try to execute the contract I receive this message in the status section: "0x0 Transaction mined but execution failed".

What does this mean and what could be causing such a problem?

I appreciate any ideas on how to fix this error. Thank you.

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    This problem often occures when you don't provide enough ga to the deploy transaction or if the contract is too big and then goes beyond the gas limit of a block. You should provide the transaction hash. Feb 15, 2018 at 9:48

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Mined failed might be happen below conditions:

  1. Might be low gas, because your method is required more gas,
    • Resolve:
      • All ways pass gas along with transaction. Don't leave to default gas, your method may require more gas to execute that method.
      • Don't hard code gas, because its depends on your input
      • Use estimateGas() function before execute call direct method. Then provide extra 10-20% gas.
  2. Method is revert or assert() failed condition is failed.
    • Resolve: Write test cases and run those before deploy contract on mainnet.

Can you provide us transaction hash or code


Most of the times the reason as mentioned is that the method runs out of gas. Increase the gas limit value for the contract and it should work.

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