Can a contract that receives a token know the origin of the tokens?

(Assuming the token follows the token standard.)


On transfers, the token standard fires:

event Transfer(address indexed _from, address indexed _to, uint256 _value)

This can allow frontends and user interfaces to listen and show the sender (_from) of a token.

Since a contract can't listen to events of another contract, a frontend could pass _from to the contract.

EDIT: For a contract to securely and trustlessly know the _from of a token, a frontend should pass to the contract a variation of a Merkle state transition proof:

Essentially, it is a proof which make the claim “if you run transaction T on the state with root S, the result will be a state with root S', with log L and output O”

The contract could then verify the proof trustlessly and obtain the _from.

Otherwise, in simply passing _from instead of a proof, the contract has to trust the frontend, which is insecure for some usecases: for example, a contract that returns tokens to the sender, since an attacker could send a transaction to the contract first and trick the contract into "returning" the tokens to the attacker.


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