I am attempting to set up 5 Rigs. I would like each rig on linux. I am attempting to, in some way, have the mining power split between 2 wallets on each rig. I'm not sure how, but I would like to use a portion of the processing power or 2 of the 6 cards in each rig to mine to a seperate wallet and use the remaining cards to mine to a primary wallet. Would you know if this is possible.


Most, if not all, mining programs allow you to specify which GPUs you use for mining. Thus, you can launch two instances of your miner software and specify GPUs 1 and 2 with coinbase A and GPUs 3-6 to mine to coinbase B (or whatever specific distribution you want).


You can set up a smart contract and set that as the mining account. The contract can split funds between your accounts.

You can use this smart contract deploy, add partners and mine to it. Make sure the reward (if sent by a pool) is sent with enough gas to be able to split the funds.

Check this smart contract https://github.com/cleanunicorn/smart-split

Example of transaction that splits funds to defined partners https://etherscan.io/tx/0x515b444d29ca85e845dba72d4d478ffad16db745b23b1c336ec10764853a9b83

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