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What is the correct algorithm to calculate gas limit for transaction with data in Ethereum?

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According to Ethereum Yellow Paper, in order to calculate gas limit for transaction with non-zero data you will need to use the following formula:

gasLimit = Gtransaction + Gtxdatanonzero × dataByteLength


Gtransaction = 21000 gas

Gtxdatanonzero = 68 gas

dataByteLength — your data size in bytes

So, the final formula would look like this:

gasLimit = 21000 + 68 * dataByteLength.

If your data has 10 bytes, the gas limit would be:

gasLimit = 21000 + 68 * 10 = 21000 + 680 = 21680

  • will it be different if I'm sending to a contract address? – Tristan Tzara Jul 19 at 7:43

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