I have a csv file that was exported from the EXODUS app with the following columns:


Is there a way to get this into json format standard so that I can import it in Ethereum Wallet?


The full process, if you want to move from Exodus to Mist using just the "Developer -> Assets -> Ethereum -> Export Private Keys" menu is this:

  1. Take the private key in the PRIVKEY section and put it in a file on your desktop. Let's call it privatekey.
  2. Use geth to import the account. If you're on macOS:

    $ geth import account privatekey
  3. Geth will prompt you to create a password for the account and import it.

    Your new account is locked with a password.
    Please give a password. Do not forget this password.
    Repeat passphrase:
    Address: {39bd6536020d2b25006257064dd339d2a748f664}

You could try to replicate the JSON format, but I don't recommend it. I pulled the instructions from this wiki article and verified that they work with both the latest versions of Mist and Exodus.

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