Upon finding this thread How are the account "pictures" used in Mist generated?

I tried to use this version of blockies to generate the identicon based on a wallet/contract hash

Although i get a different identicon from the one that Mist generates. Is there anything to be added/removed to the hash or blockies options for it to generate identical icons?


Just looking in the versions file for Mist, it seems to use the following:


...which can be found in the AtmosphereJS Meteor repository, here.

In the README:

Client-side identicon generation for Meteor using a 3 color variation of blockies.

I haven't dug into what the implementation differences are - I'll leave that fun to you :-)

  • The question was exactly asking for the implementation but thanks anyway – 0Ds0 Feb 9 '18 at 20:06

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