How do geth and parity Ethereum nodes compare in terms of:

  • Speed
    • How long does it take to sync with the main net, in both fast and full modes (if possible)
  • Disk space needs
    • What is the size of the chain data in fast and full modes
  • Robustness / Reliability
    • How many critical bugs / crashes were submitted in the last year
  • Security
    • How many security bugs were submitted in the last year
  • Number of users
    • How many Ethereum nodes are currently running on geth vs parity on the mainnet
  • Community
    • Number of maintainers / contributors / stars on Github
  • Features - what features are supported in geth but not in parity and visa versa, e.g.
    • Fast sync
    • Light client
    • JSON RPC methods (differences if any)
    • JavaScript API (differences if any)
    • Fee oracles
    • Archival mode

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  • I do not think anybody has compiled such data, so you would most likely to do your own research. – Mikko Ohtamaa Feb 9 '18 at 11:00