I am curently working on a solidity project along with a web3js client. I made this procedure in my contract, ddployed it in my testrpc and made a client request using web3js.

The problem is in the response, I expected a simple array of uint like [1,2,3] but got a strange response that even if it holds the desired response it is still not the one i needed.

here is the response :

   0: {…}
       c: Array [ 12355678 ]
       e: 7
       s: 1
   __proto__: Object { abs: another/P.abs(), absoluteValue:   another/P.abs(), ceil: another/P.ceil(), … }
   length: 1
   __proto__: Array []

here is the solidity function :

function getAllClientsOfABank(bytes32 BankName) returns(uint[]) {
    uint[] memory Clientss = new uint[](Banks[BankName].numberOfClients);

    for(uint i = 0; i < Banks[BankName].numberOfClients; i++) {

    return Clientss;

Note : cin is a uint type / Banks is a mapping of strings and BankStruct / Clients is a mapping of uint and ClientStruct

**Web3JS Client Call **

     data => {

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You get the response by pulling from c.

Unfortunately, for arrays, you have to map them together.

So if you're expecting [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], then you'd have to do something like this:

let arr = data.map(res => res.c[0])

If the array has arrays, then:

let arr = result.map(res => res.map(res => res.c[0]))

...and so forth.

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