I'm pretty new for Ether, i have invest a little in it, but now i think its will be fun to learn more about it.

i want to running linux to try out a Ether CLI node so i can developer up to it over REST, first i ofc want the test network to test on before live.

So i will ask you guys and grils about you know somthing about this, and where i shut starting to learn about it?

My idea its ofc to host my own wallet, and later build a applicaion on Ether.


You can use geth.

Ubuntu installation instructions: https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/wiki/Installation-Instructions-for-Ubuntu

Launch in testnet: geth --fast --rpc --testnet

And you can interact with geth via curl (See Ethereum JSON RPC API documentation for examples)

Also you need to generate some testnet ethers for yourself first (takes ~1 hour to get first ethers): geth --fast --rpc --testnet --mine

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