I want to create an Ethereum wallet, and I need an address and a private key, but I am unable to generate both. Please suggest a way to generate key pairs.

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Creating a new account with JSON RPC makes the client handle the keystore. Usually it's saved in a .json file locally.

Check this question about how to create a new account, but note that the private key will not be returned.

How can I make new account by JSON-RPC?

If you want to create a wallet and have access to the private key, the go-ethereum client might be useful. Use the libraries directly and generate your own wallets.

For example import the crypto library

import "github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/crypto"

And generate your account

key, err := crypto.GenerateKey()

To get the private key do


In order to generate address and private key in Node.js/javascript you can use web3-eth-accounts package

const Accounts = require('web3-eth-accounts');

const accounts = new Accounts('http://localhost:8545');
const { address, privateKey } = accounts.create();

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