Remix makes it so easy to get the json abi code.

Does anyone have any recommendation on how best to get he json abi code after successfully deploying a contract using truffle without having to leverage Remix?

Thank you in advance!


when you run

$ truffle compile

truffle creates and saves a json file per contract in /yourProjectPath/build/contracts. In this json file you'll find the abi, the bytecode, the topics (if you have any event in your smart contract), the function definitions etc (you get the point I guess, I encourage you to spend some time understanding that file - just to get a broad understanding).

personally I use python for my projects. Here is how I automatically load my abi into my scripts for transacting with my contracts (using web3py)

import json

PATH_TRUFFLE_WK = '/home/myUserName/Projects/myEthereumProjet/'
truffleFile = json.load(open(PATH_TRUFFLE_WK + '/build/contracts/myContractName.json'))

abi = truffleFile['abi']
bytecode = truffleFile['bytecode']

You can do the same with your favorite programming language or simply copying-pasting your abi by hand.


@salanfe: Your answer is correct.

There are some problems with the truffle compiler though. I had problems especially with functions that had no input parameters...

Due to this issue I suggest to use solc instead:

solcjs --abi path/to/your/contract.sol

Hope it helps.


I wrote a simple tool that does exactly what @salanfe suggested. It's handy when you have multiple contract definitions:

# Install it from npm
$ npm install -g truffle-export-abi

# Run it in your truffle project
$ truffle-export-abi
ABI extracted and output file wrote to: build/ABI.json

Github repo: https://github.com/maxme/truffle-export-abi

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