I am trying to get latest blocks data and gets all the transaction IDS inside the block and send that transaction IDS array to an api server. I am using this command in geth console :

 eth.filter('latest').watch(function(err, result){console.log(result)})

Is there a way in which a script will run 24/7 in geth console(get attach) and run the above command to get latest block data and send the transaction IDS array to an api server? Any ideas/help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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Use --exec along with geth attach:

geth --exec "<code>" attach <target>

For more information and examples, including the execution of files (loading them from the specified code), see Non-interactive use: JSRE script mode.


You can directly run the JavaScript script under node VM. It will have the same execution context as geth attach that is effectively a JavaScript console

Examples (scroll to end):



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