Is it common to run external scripts with truffle? I keep seeing posts online with long js scripts to interact with contracts, but had no clue how people were running them outside of the console, which only accepts one-liners.

Anyway, I used the documentation to find out that my external script can be executed like this

truffle exec ./scripts/script.js

However, I'm getting an error that HodlEthereum is not defined when I try to run it.
The documentation states that I must use the module.exports encapsulation of my script. I've pasted what I have below:

module.exports = function(callback) {

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Assuming that HodlEthereum is a contract that is part of your truffle project, try adding this to the top of your script:

const HodlEthereum = artifacts.require('HodlEthereum');

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