Maybe my question is way off base here, because I'm an ethereum novice. I would like to run miners on the rinkeby testnet. I'm more interested in getting the mining process up and running and exploring the effects of that. I know there are better ways of getting ethereum - that's not why I'm mining.

If anyone can offer pointers or advice on how to set up miners on the testnet, I would appreciate it!

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Rinkeby doesn't run Proof of Work, it runs Proof of Authority. This means there are no miners. The people that create blocks are pre-authorized nodes. It's a network where pre-selected and trusted people are allowed to create the blocks.


I'm VERY late to this, but you can do a couple things to get testnet eth:

  • Mine ETH for yourself on rospsten, it's somewhat easy to do but can be time consuming and resource intensive (power and computing)
  • Use a faucet like this one: https://faucet.egorfine.com
  • You can also buy ropsten eth with tools like ropsten.money (full disclosure: I made ropsten.money)
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    The question is quite clear it is about mining and not getting ether.
    – Ismael
    Feb 25, 2022 at 5:36

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