I did read some questions like How does Ethereum enable self sovereign identity? but I was wondering if someone could advise me how to get started with the technical aspects of creating a decentralized identity? I see no projects/white-paper that highlight the codes of how to develop such ID!

Thanks for the suggestions and sorry if the question was rather stupid!

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Have a look at uPort, the white paper for which is entitled "uPort: A Platform for Self-Sovereign Identity". It contains some pseudo-code, which might help generate some ideas.

Anything on Consensys's official media stream containing the "identity" tag might also be helpful.

Also of interest would be the new ERC-725 contract standard, entitled "Identity". From the EIP abstract:

The following describes standard functions for a unique identity for humans, groups, objects and machines. This identity can hold keys to sign actions (transactions, documents, logins, access, etc), and claims, which are attested from third parties (issuers) and self attested, as well as a proxy function to act directly on the blockchain.

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