Wondering if solidity supports operator overloading like python does?

Something like:


overload __+__ {
    if (type(arg1) == string && type(arg2) == string){
        return arg1.append(arg2);

I would use this to rewrite the SafeMath library, as SafeMath adding/multiplying/etc. in a long string becomes very unreadable...


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    Solidity doesn't support operator overloading. – Ismael Feb 1 '18 at 21:02
  • @Ismael thank you! I do remember reading something about this in a Vitalik blog post, but I don't recall the specifics. Perhaps in the future... – Alex Feb 2 '18 at 5:47

The official solidity documentation only mentions function overloading.

There is no operator overloading in Solidity.


No, Solidity doesn't support operator overloading as of Jan 2018.

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